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PayEasy Loan

Business Loan

It is very difficult to do business without fund. We are willing to resolve this difficulty for you so that you can bring your career to a higher level.


Under Qualified Loan

Our Under Qualified Loan is for those who have limited credit or no credit records especially young borrowers or self-employed person.


Fast Loan

We will process Fast Loan within one day. In order to resolve your problem, we guarantee to send cash to you in the shortest possible time.


Blacklisted Loan

Our Blacklisted Loan is for those who has poor credit score or blacklisted. If you need an emergency loan, or just need a loan to build your credibility, this loan is for you.


Personal Loan

When you are in trouble, you must ensure that you can bear all the costs where it may require a quick loan. You will be able to get the cash required to cover your needs with our Personal Loan.


Housing Loan

Our Housing Loan is for those who are looking for a mortgage to purchase a house, refinancing for a better interest rate or to help cover various other expenses, or trying to make cosmetic or structural improvements.


Car Loan

Buying, repairing and maintenance of your car is a big burden, our car loan will be able to solve your problem.